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Thank you and congratulations on choosing TEMPUR®. This guide includes everything you need to know about caring for and getting the best out of your TEMPUR® product. For product specific information please visit warranty.tempur.com.

This document sets out the terms and exclusions of the TEMPUR® Warranty for new TEMPUR® products sold to consumers worldwide (excluding the USA and Canada).

The TEMPUR® Warranty lasts for the period displayed on or inside the packaging of the relevant product or as stated below, starting from the date of purchase (except where the product is an ex-display or demonstration model in which case the warranty starts from the date of manufacture).

The warranty period is generally as set out in the warranty table, but the Manufacturer advises that you should check the warranty terms for the country in which you originally purchased your product as there may be a different warranty period applicable. For this, please visit tempur.com.

Product: Foam cores Product Warranty What's covered?
All TEMPUR® mattresses
All TEMPUR® toppers
10 years Material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials, or changes which cause a visible indentation more than 2cm in the TEMPUR® material
All TEMPUR® Pro Futons 5 years Material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials, or changes which cause a visible indentation more than 2cm in the TEMPUR® material.
All moulded TEMPUR® Pillows, Cushions, Wedges, and other TEMPUR® support products for sitting and lying. 3 years Material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials, or changes which cause a visible indentation more than 2cm in the TEMPUR® material.
All TEMPUR® Pillows filled with TEMPUR® Material granulates/other filling materials. 3 years Material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials
TEMPUR® Bicycle Pad
TEMPUR® Sleep Mask
2 years Material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials.
Product: Covers Product Warranty What's covered?
Covers for ALL products, unless stated otherwise below 2 years Material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials.
Down Cover for TEMPUR® Down Luxe Pillow 3 year Material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials.


So you know what to expect when your TEMPUR® product first arrives, and to help you look after it in years to come, here's a summary of hints and tips to get you started.

  • During delivery
  • New product smell
  • About the TEMPUR® Material
  • Getting used to TEMPUR®
  • The break-in period
  • Hot water bottle and electric blankets
  • Moving house and storage
  • General maintenance
  • Product safety
  • Useful guides and links

During delivery of your mattress

During shipping, the textile covers of larger items such as mattresses may move from their original position. Once you have unpacked and placed your TEMPUR® product, allow some time for the TEMPUR® foam material to warm up in the ambient air temperature. Then you can simply straighten and smooth the textile cover back into position by hand.If you have purchased a compressed TEMPUR® EASE mattress IMPORTANT: Compressed TEMPUR® EASE mattresses must be unpacked no later than 6 months after the productions date. Upon arrival of your TEMPUR® EASE mattress, check the production date on the box and make sure to unpack it within the required unpacking period.You can use your TEMPUR® EASE mattress straight away after unpackaging. It can take up to 72 hours (3 days) before your TEMPUR® EASE mattress has regained its original shape and height. The tight compression of the mattress can cause the cover to crease. This is expected and will disappear as the mattress fully recovers. In some cases, you may be required to wash your cover to remove the creases.

  • Always follow the washing instructions on the label placed inside the mattress cover.

That 'new product' smell

Some people notice a slight odour to their new TEMPUR® product once unpacked. This is completely harmless and will disappear after a short period of use. Allow the product to air or 'breathe', preferably uncovered in a well-ventilated area before and after use to speed up this process.

About the TEMPUR® foam Material

The TEMPUR® foam Material is a pressure-relieving surface, engineered with a viscoelastic open cell structure that absorbs and evenly distributes the weight of your body for maximised comfort. The temperature-sensitive properties soften, compress and conform to the unique shape and weight of your body at average room temperature for personalised support. The high density of the TEMPUR® foam Material ensures maximum dimensional stability and comfort.The TEMPUR® foam Material reacts to the thermal impact of the body. The viscoelasticity in the foam material ensures your TEMPUR® returns to its original shape after compression, with a certain built in delay. This delay varies with different temperatures. You can expect a firmer feel in cooler conditions of 18°C or less and the higher the temperature the softer your TEMPUR® will feel.

Getting Used to The Feel

If your previous mattress or pillow used more traditional methods of support such as springs, feathers and/or fibre, it is likely your TEMPUR® products will initially feel different. The unique pressure-relieving properties of the TEMPUR® foam Material, can take some time for the body to adjust and get used to.

The break-in period

TEMPUR® MATTRESS (not relevant for compressed TEMPUR® EASE mattresses)The more time you spend on or in bed: resting, reading or watching TV, the better. The extra movement will help the cells in the TEMPUR® foam Material to open. As they open, the cells 'breathe' and respond more rapidly to weight and temperature, but they will return to their original shape. To the user it may feel like the mattress is getting softer, but in fact there is no change to the pressure- relieving properties of your product.

No need to flip: advances in TEMPUR®

Advances in TEMPURv technology have resulted in keeping maintenance to a minimum. Each mattress model has a build-up of multiple layers, so you sleep on the top side only. To prolong the life of our products, from time to time you can rotate your mattress head to foot.


  • During the first 2-3 weeks of ownership, it can help to use the pillow as a cushion during the day to improve the support and pressure-relieving benefits delivered when you are sleeping.
  • Shake and massage the pillow to get the filling evenly back in place after use (for pillows filled with TEMPUR® foam material granulates).

Can I use a hot water bottle or electric blanket?

Please note: TEMPUR® would not recommend using an electric blanket with a TEMPUR® mattress as the mattress works best in response to the natural body heat of the user. You may not experience optimum support if an electric blanket is used, as potentially it could cause irreversible damage to the pressure relieving properties of your mattress. If, however you still wish to have extra warmth, we would suggest an over electric blanket rather an under blanket. Please ensure it is not more than 10 years old and in proper working order.

For the same reasons above, TEMPUR® also do not recommend use of a hot water bottle with your mattress. If you still feel the need to use one, should this item develop a leak which wets, stains or damages your mattress we must advise you it will invalidate your manufacturer's guarantee.

Moving, transport, storage and disposal

  • Unless otherwise stated TEMPUR® products should NOT be bent or pressed out of their original shape, as you risk damaging the foam material and losing all the properties and benefits it brings.
  • Due to the nature of the foam material in TEMPUR® products it can become slightly compressed during transportation or storage. This is expected, the product will return to its normal size after a short time in room temperature
  • Do not unroll a TEMPUR® mattress Topper when it is cold, as you will be at risk of tearing or cracking the foam material. Allow the TEMPUR® mattress Toppers to adjust to room temperature before unrolling.
  • TEMPUR® products should be stored in their original shape. Exempt from this is the TEMPUR® Travel Pillow, which may be transported rolled up in the bag supplied (the bag should only be used when travelling to avoid permanent deformation of the pillow).
  • TEMPUR® Mattresses must be stored flat, ideally in the original packaging (it is not possible to reuse packaging for the compressed TEMPUR® EASE mattresses).
  • The compressed TEMPUR® EASE mattresses must not be re-compressed for storage.
  • TEMPUR® mattress Toppers can be stored either rolled up or stored flat.
  • TEMPUR® products must be stored in a dry environment (maximum 65% relative humidity).
  • For disposal of your used product please refer to the local authority within your country market.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Most textile covers can be removed and washed. Please follow the specific cleaning instruction for your product on the product label located inside the textile cover.
  • Special textile covers which contain TEMPUR® foam material that cannot be washed or dry- cleaned, can easily be removed for airing and brushing.

Textile covers quilted with TEMPUR® washable material:

  • Can be washed and tumble-dried, line dried/flat dried. Check the product label inside the textile cover to see if your cover can be washed.
  • IMPORTANT: The TEMPUR® washable material is heavy when wet, please follow the below instructions carefully:
  • IMPORTANT: Covers must be completely dry before use or storage. Tip: Weigh the cover before washing. Dry the cover until it has the same weight as before wash. Then you know that the cover is completely dry.

TEMPUR® Down Luxe Pillow:


  • Remove foam bag with TEMPUR® foam material granulate before washing the down cover.
  • Use enzyme free laundry detergent for the down cover and tumble dry with a couple of dryer balls (or clean tennis balls) to avoids down clumping and to ensure the down dries evenly.
  • Do not use fabric softener on the down cover.
  • The down cover must be completely dry before use or storage
  • Tip: Weigh the Down Luxe Pillow cover (without the foam bag) before washing. Tumble-dry the cover after wash until the cover has the same weight as before wash. Then you know that the down cover is completely dry.


  • Do not wash the TEMPUR® foam material. Exempt from this is the TEMPUR® EasyClean Pillow and the TEMPUR® PureClean Pillow which can be washed (follow the specific cleaning instructions on the product label inside the textile cover).Exempt from this is also the textile covers with TEMPUR® washable material - follow the specific cleaning instructions on the product label and in this instruction.
  • Do not steam-clean or dry-clean the TEMPUR® foam material.


  • The TEMPUR® products must be regularly ventilated to remove moisture.

⚠Caution: After washing the textile cover please ensure mattress textile cover is replaced according to the orientation printed on the side of the mattress foam core. The TEMPUR® foam material that provides maximized comfort and pressure relief is only on the top-side of the core.

⚠Caution: After washing the textile covers of seating products or cushions with layers of foam please be aware of the orientation of the foam core when products is being re-assembled. The TEMPUR® foam material that provides maximized comfort and pressure relief is only on the top-side of the core.

The TEMPUR PRIMA™, TEMPUR PRO™ and TEMPUR PRO Air™ futon covers are equipped with icon-labels inside, to allow for an easy and correct cover mounting after washing. For correct feel, please ensure that the circular icon in the cover, is matching the circular icon printed on the foam.

TEMPUR® APPROVED SUPPLIERS Product Warranty What's covered?
ALL TEMPUR® Bed Bases, Bed Frames & Headboards unless stated otherwise below

ALL Bed System Items – remote control units, massage units and bed motors
2 years Material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials.
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